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The next chapter is here, as we travel to a canon universe, back to the clone wars era.

This campaign revolves around the co-owners of a Casino in Great Rock, a major city on Ord Mantell. The Casinos name is The Leviathan, and the owners have grown tired of their boring day to day.

Seeking to live a more adventurous life, and make more credits, the group begins to search out ways to make that happen on the crime riddled mid rim planet of Ord Mantell.


In this section you will find the cities and other points of interest that dot the surface of Ord Mantell.



Ord Mantell, despite the government’s best efforts, is a haven for the seedy underground and criminal organizations. Ones met by the PC and all information known about them can be found in this section.



Not all of Ord Mantell is urbanized and populated, the more wild sections of the planet are home to a few non-intelligent species. These can be found here.


Special Items

In their search for adventure and credits, the owners of The Leviathan may come learn or come into the possession of rather peculiar, valuable and even dangerous items. This section discusses those.


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